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See zones and prices here.

Short-term parking

Buy parking in our app or on our website.

You can search and see zones in the Mobill Parking app and also see them on the map. You can also log in and buy parking here at

Short-term parking (minutes or hours)

Select short-term parking, select the registration number and select the zone you want to park in. Press Zone info to see prices and rules. Press Start parking to start parking and Stop parking to exit.

If the daily rate is available and becomes the cheapest option for your parking, the system automatically selects the daily rate.

Buy parking with SMS

Short-term parking (minutes or hours)

To buy parking with SMS, send zone registration number duration to 0700-861100.
For example, to purchase 45 minutes of parking in zone 6002, send 6002 ABC123 45m
You can send 30m for 30 minutes, 60m for 60 minutes, 2h for two hours, 4h for four hours etc.

Parking permit for Mobilitetshus Mode

Mobilitetshuset Mode is a parking garage close to the center for day shopping, commuting and travel

The number of parking permits in Mobilitetshuset Mode is limited and parking is subject to availability. The permits cost SEK 750 per 30 days.

The parking permit is only valid in ordinary parking spaces, ie not in parking for the disabled or in charging stations or in another place intended for a specific vehicle.

Apply for a parking permit for Mobilitetshus Mode here

Utility parking

As a business owner, you can use your utility license to park your car longer and at a lower price.

Apply for a utility parking license here.

Note: It is not enough to have a permit to be able to park, you must also have an associated utility ticket that you can start in Mobill's app after the permit has been granted:
  1. Launch Mobill's app
  2. Select Short-term parking
  3. Select zone code 55401 (for utility ticket A) or zone code 55402 (for utility ticket B)
  4. Start parking (it can last a maximum of 3 hours)

It is also possible to start the utility tickets via SMS, use code 55401 or 55402. To be able to start the utility tickets, you must have a valid associated permit.

Residential parking
Mobile Residential Parking offers you who live and park within the residential zone to both apply for a permit and order and pay for your residential parking at a favorable price.

Read more about housing permits on Skövde municipality's website.

You can apply for a residence permit in Mobill's parking app as follows:

Note! before you apply, make sure to add your social security number (“personnummer”) in your profile!
  1. Click on "Long-term parking"
  2. Add a new one
  3. Select vehicle
  4. Select zone
  5. Select city "Skövde permit"
  6. Select "Permit for housing / countryside"
  7. Last but not least, click on "Apply for a permit"
You can also apply for a residence permit here on; log in and select Long-term parking and then follow the instructions.
If you have questions about zones, maps, rules, parking fines, contact Skövde municipality: Do you have questions about Mobill Parkering service, incorrect order, invoicing, payment, receipt, My Mobile etc:
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