Registration is quick and easy, download and launch the app and follow the instructions. You can also register here on the web.

Click here to see where you can park.

You pay the cheapest available price. As soon as it is cheaper to pay the day rate, we switch to that rate. If you are using SMS, be sure to extend before the parking runs out.

Long-term parking is sold in units of a day (24 hours) or more. For example, 30-day and one-month tickets. To view or buy long-term parking in the app or logged in at mobill.se, select Long-Term. We take payment for long-term tickets at the moment you confirm purchase.

You will find parking history and receipts in the app under the History menu. You can also log in to mobill.se, and go to parking history.

Log in here at mobill.se and update your mobile number.

Please log in at my.mobill.se and lock your account. You should also contact your mobile operator to suspend your mobile account.

You must be over 18 years of age.


Our app, Mobill Parkering, is available for iOS and Android on the Apple App Store and on Google Play.If you have a different device, such as a Windows Phone, or you don’t want to install the app, you can use our web service here at www.mobill.se. The web automatically adjusts to suit phone, tablet and laptop/desktop size screens.

Add your registration number and select the zone from a list or using GPS on a map. You may also see the zone number on signs or stickers. Tap Start to begin parking.

When you are done, open Mobill Parkering and tap the Stop button. We calculate the cost for the exact time you parked, according to the best rates available.

If you forget to stop, the built-in auto-stop feature ends your parking after the time you set (default 6 hours).

A reminder is sent 15 minutes before auto-stop ends your parking.


  • mobill.se (this site) to park your vehicle, see your history and download receipts. Yuo can also registrer, add or change your payment card.

Yes. Log in at mobill.se, enter or select your registration number then select city and zone then Start. Log in and stop parking when you are finished. For long-term parking, click the Long-Term button. The web automatically adjusts to suit phone, tablet and laptop/desktop size screens. Web is ideal for city locations where a receptionist offers to pay for visitor parking.


Billogram is a payment solution provider that companies (Mobill) can work with on current recurring payments. Billogram's payment service enables simple payment solutions for a company's private and business customers.

With smart technology, the payment process is made more efficient for the invoice issuer, while improving the payment experience for the customer. Read more at Billogram.com

From the end of 2022 we are cooperating with Billogram, which is a more modern invoice service. The purpose is to make it easier for you as a customer to receive and pay your invoice. Billogram is an invoicing service that companies use to create and send invoices. In other words, it is we at Mobill who stand as the invoice issuer who have sent you the invoice and we are also the ones who receive your payment.

The link from the email will take you to your web invoice if you chose a digital distribution method. From the web invoice, you can then pay your invoice in a way that suits you. You will receive the link via email or to your internet bank (e-invoice). If you have email as the distribution method, your invoice link will be sent from the email address system@billogram.com.

Open your web invoice and scroll down to the "save invoice as PDF" button.

In your internet bank you will have access to a link that takes you to the digital Billogram. From there you can scroll down and find the specification and choose to save the invoice as a PDF. If we have access to your email address, a link to the web invoice will also be sent to this email address.

You can easily activate direct debit via the web invoice. If you have a digital delivery method, you will have received the web invoice link via SMS, e-mail or to your internet bank. If you have received your invoice on paper - follow the instructions on the paper invoice to get to the web invoice (scan the QR code or follow the SMS instructions). Once on the web invoice - follow the instructions provided here..


  • Add a space after ZONE and after REGISTRATIONNUMBER.
  • Send to 0700-86 11 00.
    For example: 401 ABC123 2h
  • Look for the zone number on signs or stickers, or find in our city-specific pages below.
  • Enter your registration number with no spaces.
  • For duration in hours add the number with h e.g. 2h 6h
  • To park for a day (24 hours from point of order), add d, e.g. 1d 5d
  • If you forget duration, the default is normally 1 hour.
  • It is also possible to start the car park by writing ZONE REGISTRATION NUMBER START. Parking normally ends after one day, but you can end it early by sending ZONE REGISTRATION NUMBER STOP.

  • Start as above; we will send you an invitation to register.
  • Reply with your Personnummer to register and pay by invoice.
  • Alternatively, register here at Mobill.se, where you can also add a payment card.
  • Send your SMS parking order again, in the same format.

  • A reminder SMS tells you when the parking session is about to end.
  • Send another parking order in the same format.
  • Your parking session is extended by the requested duration.
  • We automatically charge the best rate available for the whole time.

No need to do anything to end the SMS parking, just ignore the reminder and let the parking time expire.

If you have started the parking by sending ZONE REGISTRATION NUMBER START, you can end it early by sending ZONE REGISTRATION NUMBER STOP

You pay for the SMS messages you send to Mobill and any data used by the app or our website, according to your mobile subscription or pre-pay plan.

Card Payments

We support VISA and Mastercard. To add a card you will need its number, expiry date and the CVC code from the reverse side.

Your card is debited each time you make a purchase. When you press Stop, we calculate the cost for the time you have parked and charge it. SMS and Long-term parking is pre-paid and charged at the point of purchase.

Please make sure you add your card before you start to park. Any parking from before you added your card will be invoiced. Alternatively, you may have switched your account to invoice billing in your settings.

Invoice Payment

We send the invoice on the 16th of each month.

We send your invoice via letter, e-mail or SMS, depending on which invoice model you have chosen. You can choose the payment method under settings in the app.

You must pay within 20 days for paper invoices and 10 days for email/SMS invoices, of the date of the invoice. The due-by date (förfallodatum) is printed on the invoice.

You can pay via your bank using the OCR number ("Referensnr") as reference.

A reminder fee of 60 kr is added, and interest is charged at 20%.

You can park for up to SEK 1,500. If you need more, you can contact us and ask us to send an invoice ahead of time.

Please ensure that you have registered a payment card before starting your parking. Parkings made before you have registered a card are invoiced. Alternatively, you may have changed the payment method to invoice in your settings.

We automatically correct the overpayment and send the excess amount back to the payer either via bank giro transfer if the sender's bank details are included in the transaction, or through a value notice.

Residential Parking in Kalmar

Please see Kalmar city’s website and FAQ. There is a translate link under the page title.

Please telephone Kalmar Kontaktcenter on 010-35 20 000 or e-mail kommun@kalmar.se

Apply for a permit in the Mobill parking application

  1. Click “Long-term parking”
  2. Click “Add new”
  3. Select registration number
  4. Select zone
  5. Select the city of “Kalmar”
  6. Select “Residents parking permit”
  7. Click “Apply for permit”
Apply here at www.mobill.se, log in and select Long-term parking, follow the instructions there.

Before you apply, make sure to add your social security number (“personnummer”) in your profile!

You can see your parking at mobill.se or in the app Mobill Parkering. Check under Long-term parking.

If you have selected automatic payment, we charge your account five days before the parking expires. This is to give enough time in the case that you need to take action, for example, to update expired card details.

We e-mail you to let you know. We will try again after 36 hours and then again after another 36 hours. If the third attempt fails, your automatic payment is cancelled.