Social Engagement at Mobill

Social Engagement at Mobill

At Mobill we are proud to be part of society and to be able to contribute to its development by supporting local sports associations. We see it as an opportunity not only to make our brand visible, but also to promote a healthy and active lifestyle for people of all ages.

Equality & Inclusion

Through our sponsorship program we strive to find sports associations whose values harmonize with our own. We prioritize associations that share our belief in the importance of equality and inclusion, where everyone is given the opportunity to participate and develop regardless of gender or age.

Bread and diversity in our support

We look to support associations that offer a wide range of activities, including both men's, women's and junior teams, to ensure that everyone in the community is given the opportunity to participate in training and competition on their own terms. By promoting a diversity of sports and activities, we aim to create a dynamic and inclusive sporting environment where everyone can find their place and are encouraged to challenge themselves.

Through our commitment to local sports associations, we not only want to give back to the community but also contribute to shaping a healthier and more cohesive community. At Mobill we are passionate about making a difference and we look forward to continuing to support and collaborate with local sports associations to build a more vibrant and inclusive community for all.

Proud sponsor of

Mobill and the UN's climate goals

Mobill is proud to work in line with several of the UN's Sustainable Development Goals, which guide our pursuit of a more sustainable and just world. Through our innovative app, which enables easy payment for parking and charging of electric vehicles, we actively contribute to several key goals

FN klimatmål nummer 7

Target 7

Sustainable energy for all - By facilitating the charging of electric vehicles, we promote the transition to clean and accessible energy, thereby supporting a more sustainable energy supply.

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Target 9

Industry, innovation and infrastructure - Through our technology, we create innovative solutions that improve the infrastructure for sustainable transport and support more sustainable and efficient industrial development.

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Target 11

Sustainable cities and communities - By offering efficient solutions for parking and charging, we reduce congestion and air pollution in cities, creating more vibrant and healthy communities.

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Target 12

Sustainable consumption and production - By promoting the use of electric vehicles and efficient parking solutions, we support responsible consumption patterns and promote a more sustainable lifestyle.

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Target 13

Fight climate change - Our app promotes the use of electric vehicles, which reduces carbon dioxide emissions and helps slow the impact of climate change on our planet.

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