Mobile BAS for companies - More than just parking!

Minimize administration and maximize productivity with Mobill BAS, now also for electric car charging!

Why Mobill BAS?

  • Flexible: Choose to pay for parking and electric car charging either as a private person or through the company. Perfect for teams that are constantly on the move!
  • Simple and collected in one place: Avoid separate receipts and expenses. Everything is collected in one monthly invoice. Reduces the need for administrative work and makes life easier for the finance department.
  • Future-ready: We don't just support parking. Also charge your electric car through the same simple app.

How it works

Download our user-friendly app, Mobile Parking, from the App Store or Google Play. Start your parking or electric car charging directly from your mobile - Fast, easy and safe!

Payment Options

You can choose between paying by invoice or card. Pay only for the time you use. Autostop ends the parking for you if you forget it.


Contact us for price proposal

Switch to Mobill BAS today and take advantage of a smarter, more efficient and greener parking and charging solution for your company. You will not regret it!